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Another HUGE twistie brekky run... :) This one aint for the faint hearted and you'll need ya alarm clock set nice and early.

Traffic is very light in the roads this time of day and does allow for excellent driving.


Cruise to Kangaroo Valley for late Breakfast via Macquarie Pass and Jamberoo Pass.
Kangaroo Valley back to Sydney via the Highway..

Please make sure your car is in good order as this is a long cruise. Make sure you have a FULL TANK OF FUEL prior to arriving at the meet point in Homebush. We will not be stopping for fuel breaks or anything prior to Wollongong so bring food and drinks with you. It's always better to plan ahead.

Details are as follows:

Main Homebush Meet Point

Date: Sunday, 25th January 2004
Meet Time: From 5.00am
Dept Time: 5.30am (Sharp)
Meet Location: Homebush Bay Olympic Site

UHF CB Channel 15

Approximate arrival time in Wollongong for regroup - 6.45 to 7am (Stuart Park) This time could change depending on traffic. Best to call the club mobile on the day for further advice.

Map to the Homebush meet point can be found here -

For more info email [email protected] or call 0421 CRUISE
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