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Odd Stang Real???

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Any1 heard of this car? Found it in a classifieds. 1988 STANG. Super Pony HB. AOD Unique, less then 100 made, 5.0 325 hp SVO w/hwy patrol susp. This a true car or a fake? I thought the cop car stangs were the same as a GT?
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Here is an excellent site that gives the complete history of the 1982 - 1993
Special Service Mustangs.

It's my understand that the majority of the 'Police Mustangs' were standard
LX Coupes during that period. They used the standard 5.0L engines, and
the only different between them and civilian models was a slightly modified

I would have to say it is fake.

Some police mustangs were GT's but not with those stats. Ohh and MOST of the police stangs were 5spd's.

I would not touch it.

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