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I have oil testing done every 3,000 miles but no one knows how to read them or what they mean. Went to my regular garage and they had no idea so they sent me to a Diesel Garage and they do not do oil sampling so they had no idea either. The test shows copper at 15 parts per million and fuel at 2.0 % in the oil. Laboratory tells me it could be a failing turbocharger or a crack at a bronze/brass fitting in the fuel system. What should I be doing? Anything? The copper has been in the last three reports The first time it was 10 parts per million then it went to 7 parts per million now it is up to 15 parts per million the fuel percentage went from 0.0 to 1.5 now it is at 2.0. Should I being looking at changing the turbocharger or could it be somewhere else?
Please help I cannot afford a major failure
Duane Gromis
2000 F250 SD 7.3 navistar powerstroke.
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