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Ok guys,
You drive a hard bargain!!! $100 for my borg warner 4 speed manual.....I cant do better than that!!!!
Its come out of my 351 cleveland ute.....I never had a problem with it.....

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dont know about the diff, but do you have a V8 CLUTCH FORK????

Or how about bellhousing and clutch, pressure plate etc???

If its the whole lot for $100 bucks I'm interested, so long as it had hydralic clutch.

What sort of car is it out of? They ran hydralic clutches up to XC falcon and the fork and bellhousing are different.

Also, whats your location?:s6:

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Just the box and shifter......

Its just the gearbox and shifter......Came out of my XD 351 ute....
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