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OK all you FVC people lets smoke this board too!

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It seems the Lincoln board was the highest posting forum outside of the Lounge at FVC.
I think we can do that here with no fear of being shut down!
So welcome and start posting!
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hah ya i think we had about 1200 topics on that board :D

maybe we can get half that much before fvc gose back up :D
Hey! These new dig's are pretty nice!I think I'm gonna kick off my shoes and stay awhile!
Can't leave you guys alone for a second!

Geez guys, I go out of town for a few days and you smoke the FvC site again!! Can dress you up but can't take you anywhere!;)

Anyhoo, I like this new site so far.....maybe we just stay here....
Looking pretty good!!

Hey guys looks like we might have a new home. Looks pretty nifty!
Steve O.
Yeah these guys have got their stuff together we have to get Frank over here and set him up as a MOD! :)
Spread the word that we have a new home...
Who is Frank????
Marqman said:
Who is Frank????
Frank aka HTRDLNCN is the Original Hot Rod Lincoln!
He is the MOD of the Hot Rod Lincoln forum on FVC.
Get him here and I think we can MOD him here also.
new home, sound prety sweet we just have to post something at fvc when it gose back up for everyone to come here.
Someone should ask the owner of that site if he wants to join with us. Have him email [email protected] John, the BIG boss of the forums and see what we can do to get him over here..
I was talking to LunaticSS last night about a merge....
But it's not up to me.
If the owner of it is interested, have him contact John at [email protected]
I think we can do it! hehe, 500 posts in a few days is nothing for us anymore ;)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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