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Ok, I'm about to begin assembeling my current car. Here's a VERY partial list of parts that will be under the hood:

*New Shortblock including custom forged pistons specific to the heads, delivering a total of 10:1 compression, rods and crank are also forged.

*New Comp Cams 282S sold lifter cam (plan on roller cam upgrade in the future.

*Trick Flow Specialties Twisted Wedge Heads (box stock)

*Edelbrock Twisted Torker 289 intake.

On the recieving end of the motor will be a mildly built C4 to be replaced with a Performance Automatic C4 and custom torque converter. I already have a 9" locker with disk brakes ready to be cut down and slapped under the car. Once the engine is safely under the hood I'll take it up and have the sub frame connectors and exhaust system built (My ranger truck tells me it wants the motor also, trust me it really does :s6: ). I'm expecting well in excess of 400FWHP from this motor and when I get around to going to a roller cam I will be getting closer to 500 ponies. When I stick the 9" under the car I'll convert the front to use granada rotors. By the time I have the chassis and driveline finished on this car I will own and begin building the "Terrible II" project. That car will be a 1978 King Cobra which I'm still working out the details to buy. I have some radical mods planned for that beast, including a 351W based stroker delivering over 700fwhp to the most unfortunate tranny. And if thats not enough it'll be stripped down and barely street legal.
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