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Awww, man!

What'dja go and show me that for? ;)

The only thing that car has that the CV doesn't is raw horsepower. Of course I really like raw horsepower. I remember when that car came out. I wanted to throw up because the car I had at the time was a 96 Caprice and it was a damn fine machine. After the redesign it looked like it had been given a makeover by the curve fairy. The "pimp wheel" on the back was the clincher for me.

Every time I see one I wonder if I should sacrifice everything the CV has and go to the dark side. She's ugly, but she's fast.

Its Big and Its Black
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:evil2: I know what you mean Nomad :) That Lt1 is a seductive engine.

Btw Glad to see that you came over here and checked this out.

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