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One more from Down Under...

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Hey all, how're you going?

Finally stopped lurking and started posting.. even whacked up pics of my car..(check out Member rides under the Australian Fords Forum. I've been in Fords most of my life... My dad had plenty, starting with Falcon (Australian models) XA, XB and XC wagons. Of course, i don't remember much of them as i was a little kid.. but in the home movies i was always grinning from ear to ear when with the car.. especially the Purple one..what a colour.
Then later, when older brother started having his own cars, he got this XD S pack. It was the Sport Version back then ... It had extra fibreglass bodykit and that big Ford Sound.. I loved that car and thought my brother was soooo way cool...
After mucking around with a cheap cars plus an expensive motorbike when i lived in the Northern Territory (open speed limits means sitting on 200+ km's an hour... legally!!) I finally settled on the Laser TX3.. In the Meantime, my brother had bought an Falcon EL XR6.. man did that go.. I just had to have one... Fast foward to now, and when the 2 door Laser was too small for a baby seat, the first car i picked was an AU XR6 VCT.. now i am the happiest man alive.
Now even my wife admits to loving it and i hope the Chapman Clans will be carrying on the tradition in the future. (especially since my older brother sold out and bought a HSV XU6 - The special build Holden Commodores..

I look forward to some interesting posts from you all.. Sorry for all those confused with the Aussie Falcons, you can find all these models on websites here, just ask..
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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