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One of the best in Aussie

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This is a show car from the recent melbourne motor show.
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Well that never turned out like I thought. Just got a scanner and I obviously have a bit to learn. Sorry for the wasted space, just think of me as wearing a big L plate
We all have done that, just wont admit to it. I like that color. Stills seem weird to see the steering wheel on the other side...
This is the XR8 Xplod, from last years Sydney motor show.


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Yes it is the same car although it has had some work done to it since Sydney.
The engine in the later shots has been stroked to 5.7 and has eight seperate throttle bodies. This motor produces 350 kws and with the right management system they reckon 500 hp could be possible. It is the motor that the t series is likely to pick up although it wiil be back at 250+ for those cars.
The exhaust and wheels also received the Herrod treatment. Not sure about you guys but I like the new wheels better
Yeah, agreed. The new ones look cleaner, I've never been a huge fan of the split / double spoke alloys. It could be me, but there seems to be something not quite right with them :) Ah if only Tickford made my ones (EL2 16's) in 17, 18, and 19"... one of the all-time sweet looking alloys!

Beatifull car :) Nice work.

I love the color !!! :D
Must admit I prefer the new wheels as well.
Most people would call me loopy but I think the AUII XR8 wheels look kick-ass. I think they look better than series I 17's.
The New Wheels are better

I like the new wheels better. I also like the colour I have never seen a car that colour. I was also wondering what size tires and what kind they were.
The fronts are 245*35 series 18"
The rears are 265*35 series 18"
I think the brand were Faulkin

wheels are only avaliable in aust from herrod motorsport.tyres are yokohama front 235/35/18. rear 275/30/18.complete engine was built by herrod motorsport/5.7 litr ford alloy heads etc.motec m8 injection managment.8 throttle body manifold was made in house at herrods with help from morisson engineering.engine puts out approx 350 kw .
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