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We've been using one of these to help maintain some of the daily drivers hanging around our shop. They're pretty handy for that - just plug it into your OBD-II port, and you'll be able to see diagnostic codes on your iPhone. On some cars, you can even clear the codes from the iPhone. It also comes in handy if you're racing with the stock ECU as it will data log up to 16 parameters right from the OBD-II port. If you need to track something the stock ECU doesn't log, you can also daisy chain it to other Innovate devices. For example, you could be reading RPM, MAP sensor, and throttle position from the stock ECU, wideband air/fuel from an LC-1, and exhaust gas temperatures on eight cylinders from a TC-4, and record all that to your iPhone.

OT-2 in our online catalog

In other news, we've cut prices on both individual gauges and LC-1 / gauge combos. Here's our new pricing.

LC-1 with DB gauge: Was $229, now $209 (just $10 more than an LC-1 on its own)
LC-1 with G series gauge: Was $289, now $249
LC-1 with XD-16: Was $329, now $299
There's also $10 to $20 off DB and G series gauges on their own. Check out our widebands here.
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