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hey guys check this forum out.. all you need to know about Explorer's problems even recalls that ford dont want to tell owners about.. even you can find a site that you can complain to the goverment about defects.. i think office of defects and safety.. check this very helpful forums and websites:
for complaints
under ford explorer forums.. just check it out .

Also this is very interesting and love to share with fellow explorer owners.this info courtesy from carreview forum..

Ford has issued a SSM 17560 that Ford Engineers are working on the problem. Heres what SSM 17560 reads "Some 2002-2004 Explorer 4dr/moutaineer and 2003-2004 Aviator vehicles with a 3.73 axle ratio may exhibit an axle gear whine that is above nomal noise level at cruise or during acceleration/deceleration. To service, perform normal diagnostics. If a specific root cause is not identified, be aware that engineering is currently investigating this condition via the quicker service fix process. A service procedure will be published as soon as it becomes available."
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