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hello all I have seen and heard of allot of ford 289,302,351c,429,460,545 engines overheating at idle or within a few miles down the road in my case I have both but fixed one I still overheat or get to hot driving down the road to 230/245 before I would get that hot at idle within 15 mins I did fix that and so everybody know it was intake gaskets after being a engine tech ase master I built a motor and used tj heads with a scj intake ports with tj gaskets I used fel pro 1231 and fixed the idle problem my bad on that one I should have remembered the port variances but ehh its fixed now it just does it after a mile or two below are my engine specs currently I have tried 3 different radiators a northern 4 core a be cool 4 core a frostbite down flow installed now I used a Taurus 16" fan I used two 2500 cfm haydens now I have two 12 " perma cools at 3500 cfm each
I have used 170,180,190 stats I have used the gold and the blue restrictor plates I have used ani freeze 50/50 and now I am using straight water I used 16.18. and currently 24 pd cap I am at a lose of what to do next I have over 1500 just in failed attemps in cooling system parts I have tore the engine down and checked the head gaskets I scoped the block heads pump I dunno I am reads to set a small block cheby next to it and scare it straight I read allot about this issue but no cure oh and I have ran the blower at 12 psi and now 6 I have also had several conversations with allen at who was a lot of help I just cant nail this down lets all figure this out and post the fix

460 = clegg stroker kit to 545
fully machined block pressure tested washed magged
heads aluminum pro comps just saving weight there but they work well
comp 112 lobe sep cam set straight up
gear drive
one pice drive
9;8;1 bushed pistons
plasma rings
high vol pump
new timing cover
35 gpm pump with a backing plate
billet dizzy locked at 36 degrees
8.8 wires
msd 6al
3 step retard
don Hampton 871 blower
dual throttle body fuel injection fitech afr set at 12:5:1 idle and cruse set rich for blower
engine makes 17 hg
4 fuel pumps
fps headers to 3" exhaust side pipes no baffles

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You've changed everything else, consider an electric cooling pump?
That was my first thought too but then I checked his mod list. I think the 35 gpm pump with a backing plate he listed on the mods is exactly that per But it would be worth checking it's correctly wired and plumbed and sending water in the correct direction and that none of the radiator hoses are collapsing at high pump revs.
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