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:nuts: was the look on my face when I got onto an open road. What a difference it made. I installed a PCM from a 94 P71 into my 93 P74. Took not even 15 minutes to install. Fired right up. Took it onto the road... Still a dog from 0-20 but that is because of the single exhaust and 3.08's. From 30 + Two words Holy Cow. It feels totally different. It feels like the car wants to fly. It just GOES so much easier. i got her up to probably 100... cant tell 85 speedo, felt great all the way. Now she only needs Duals.... Much quicker shifts and a little higher. I think it was like 1-2 55, 2-3 83, and after that who knows...hehe Over all, best mod to date!

I dont know...maybe I am crazy but it seemed like it made a difference.

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