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Someone explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of a 1992 model year Crown Victoria S P72?

How do you compare it to the later models P71's...

Was it really necessary for Ford to separate the fleet vehicles by categories such as PI, taxi, commercial, etc?

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It was necessary due to Fleet users not wanting to pay for a lot of the items that the police package cars came with. Since the vast majority of Fleet cars went to taxi companies that service big cities, there wasn't a lot of concern about high-speed operations. They generally aren't pursuing anyone, so they don't need all the coolers, aluminum driveshafts, extra-large brakes, calibrated speedos, etc. They just wanted a solid base-model CV that they could modify as they needed for their unique application.

Since the taxpayers pay for the police cars, they can be equipped out the ying-yang and the agency buyers don't care. Companies have to turn a profit, so they're a little more selective about what they are buying. So Ford took the base CV sedan, put in heavy-duty cooling, electrical, and suspension components, and the P-72 was born.

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So, Bruce, there really is no "P72 Police Package" as the forum name suggests?

I think most Crown Vic enthusiats really knew that already.

I was wondering if that was a typo. The P72 designation was really a "Severe Service" designation. Correct? Even with the pre-1992 Vic's?

Just making sure, that's all.:rolleyes:

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Clarity Required on the p72 issue

Hey Guys...The Problem here with the P72 Forum ...Is lack of Clarity on the Year Model... The 88 thru 91 model Crown Vic "Police Package" was in Fact a P72.....The 92 Model Police package was a P72 as well. In 1993 the Term Police Interceptor was Coined and this is the point were the Vin Code P71 was born....The 1993 Model Year P72 was The Bulk Fleet sale Vin.....mainly dedicated to large volume Taxi Cab sales. When I asked the Webmaster to create this P72 thread back in February I guess I was not clear about this being dedicated to only the 88-91 model year "Police Package " Vicky.......I hope this clears up "The Hub-Bub" Buds...........BTW...It's good to have Bruce over here with us as well!!!!!..................Allen
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