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Venom S said:
Has anyone had paint probs fixed under warranty?

After giving my car a good wash on Thursday, I noticed a variation in the black paint on the rear end of the boot. On the left side, it has an orange/rusty tinge to it, which is not consistant with the rest of the car. I expect that scratches, etc will show up more on the black paint, but this looks like an error in the paint application during manufacture. Are these sort of warranty issues harder to have dealers fix, as opposed to common probs like diff clunks, etc... ??
Venom S,

I guess what it comes down to is if you can or the history records of the car can prove that it hasn't been in an accident then ford will be entitled to recify the problem. If it has been in a mior accident then you have to contact the smash repairer who fixed it.

I hate to admit this, but i only know too well as a person who polish's falcons that the paint from the factory isn't that good at times. On my drivers side door below udner the right light conditions the paint has these lighter spots, and being Polynesian Green the paint shows up big time. :( :( :(
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