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I just spent the better half of the last few hours in the cold, so forgive me if I fat finger any of my words here..

My wife's 2015 focus has been great for 3+ years we've had it, but in the last couple weeks the battery keeps dying on us. After checking with two Autozones and a dealership I took my Ammeter out and using it to gap the neg cable to the battery I found 2.5+ Amp draw while the car was completely closed and off! This is the fuse chart i've been operating off of. Here are some of what i've found below...
  1. I was surprised to see the car has Engine bay Fuse F11 "Stop-Start Module" since the car does not have auto-start stop capability nor has it ever done that.. Can someone explain what else this may be doing?
  2. Removing the F11 fuse has a couple results...
    1. Parasitic draw dropped to about 0.5A
    2. When starting the car without it, none of the gauge cluster/entertainment/HVAC controls light up or operatorate in any way. This is odd since I thought internal cabin fuses F67 & F69's removal would cause this instead. So again, wth does this fuse do?
  3. We wired in a dash cam to share the cigarette lighter fuse (if i remember correctly), when we remove this fuse while the F11 fuse is out, the parasitic draw drops to zero in under 15sec. BUT if we disconnect and reconnect the ammeter it shows 0.5A again then drops to zero after 15 sec. I'm not an electrician so not sure what that means really..
Thanks in advance for any help. I'm really stumped on this one and need to get my car back so i can go to work soon!
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