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HSC parts for sale.

-1 month old waterpump in was rebuild unit in box

-1 Ignition parts, Neighoff performace cap, rotor 8mm wires. less then 4000km on them.

-1, Header. put on same time as WP. It's not quite a header, but it's not factory. Features larger exhaust runners, better sound, performace and economy. Susposedly will not crack.

-1, If wanted will get my 2.3L HSC engine rebuilt with HO cam and valve train. Bored out cylinders, ported polished head full 9 yards. Work done by shop featured on Dream Car Garage.

-2, Tires. 195/60R14 Lee Ultra Grip. There a little known company, but make great tires for the price. These have 8,000km on them and are in excellent shape. They are H-speed rated, directional tires. Great performance tires. Have almost the same circumference as the stock 185/70R14's so i had them on the front and stock size on the back, they only have the 2 in stock and i ordered the other two but never got a chance to put them on.

Anything else you want. Lemme know and i'll price it.

Had car since Dec '00, rear ended in early July '01. All parts listed in good to great shape (i've only put 11,000km on the car since i bought it).

If interested in any of these parts e-mail me, i might not check this forum as ofter as you may like. I will quote prices then. No single item (except engine) on list more than $125 CAN.

[email protected]

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