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th window regulater broke on my gf/s window and im lost on how to get it out i got a used on for 50 because a new one is 250 but i got the cable off but how do i get the rest of it out the cable i junk so good theng the new on came with it

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This is for power windows... you didnt specify if power or manual windows... Also, its really hard to describe w/o the pics....
Straight from the ford service manual for 2nd gen probes (93-97)
Make sure to disconnect the neg batt terminal as per manual)
1. Remove the door panel and raise the front door window glass and channel
2. Unblot the slider bracket bolts (what the window slides up and down on)
3. Remove the door glass window inner stabilizer bolts (at top of door on far ends)
4. Remove the window glass and channel
5. There should be 2 bolts for teh window regulator, remove those
6. Remove the 2 window regulator nuts (different spots than the bolts)
7. Disconnect the window regulator harness through service hole
8. should come out
Installation is the opposite of removal
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