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Yesterday my car decided to not start as I was leaving work. It was
fine in the morning and when I went to lunch from work, and when
returning from lunch. Once I tried to leave from work at 5:30 pm, the
car would not start. My first guess was battery, but no, the battery
is fine, it wants to start but just won't go. The fuel pump is fine, I
can hear it kicking in and there is gas in the car. I looked around
online and noticed someone saying something about their keys not
working for some reason or another. I got both keys and removed all
the keyring stuff and tried just the key alone. Neither key would
work. The dash anti-theft light after trying to start does the super
fast blink for a while. All signs online say that the anti-theft
system has been screwed up somehow, and the dealership needs to do some
work on it. Is this an expensive fix? I had the car towed to the
dealership but they won't look at it until Monday the soonest. I guess
I would like to know how the heck this happens in the first place. No
one ever tried to start my car with another key, I keep it locked all
the time, my work is a secure place, you can't get in without a key
code and there are no signs that anyone pried open my door with a slim
jim and tried to start the car with some other key. Anyone have any
experience with their PATS system going on the fritz? I'm just curious
why this would happen at all...

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