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Paying off a cortina

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Hello there

Just wondering what you guys think of this..

Image codes: cortina te ghia

Image codes: cortina te ghia2

There's only a couple of tiny little rust spots along the top door sills

The dude wants 5 grand for it...

Does that sound about right?

Any feedback would be great.

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not bad for a 6 cylinder cortina. thats about what they go for in NZ if you can find one as most of these and the TC (mk3) have had the brakes swapped to the falcon 5 stud brakes and v8 swapped.
i have had every model of cortina. my faves were the mk3 and the mk5 (TF)
if you end up with a pommy cortina but aussie seats, the runners dont fit as the aussie runners are longer than the pommy floorpan and wont fit the pommy seat brackets unless you redrill them.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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