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2000 grand marquis ls with handling package, magnaflow mufflers,dual exhaust, 3.55 rear axle
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I pulled out the snorkel which is 1.75 inches at its smallest point. I attached a piece of 3 inch plastic pipe about 6 inches long to the air box. It fit perfectly and was really easy. I sealed it up with some silicone caulk to make sure I did not get any whistling
I teach high school math and the area of a circle is pi times the radius squared. The 1.75 inch circle has an area of 2.405. The 3 inch circle has an area of 7.06
The area of the 3 inch pipe is almost triple the 1.75 and is much closer in size to the throttle body and tube that contains the mass airflow sensor. It seems to me that the snorkel had to be the most restricted point. I had the pipe, so the cost was zero and I feel the the engine now has an adequate supply of air , at least as much as the throttle body will flow.
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