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I`ve been thinking about buying a `95 or up Crown Vic PI In the next year or so.Just wondering if theres a certain year that had better performance than others,and what kinda mileage do these cars get? Also,what`s the normal life for the eng/tranny in these,assuming they`ve been taken care of with scheduled maintenance.I`d like to find one with under 90k on it,I know its possible,I`ve seen em.One more thing,are there any 0-60 or 1/4 mile times on these cars? Thanx in advance for any help.
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I prefer the "pre 1998" P71 interceptors. The body style seems a little
more streamline, and they weigh a couple of hundred pounds less than
the 1998 and newer models.

The Police Interceptors are built for severe use, and have heavy duty
components. You can expect at least 200,000 miles without major
problems if you keep them maintained.

I am a LEO, and drive both the pre and post 98 models. To me and
others the 1996 and 1997 P71's seem to have the best performance,
and the suspensions seem tighter and more stable at high speeds.

The Police Interceptors use the Ford 4.6L SOHC engines, and the
performance of stock units are very similiar. You can expect zero to
sixty times in the eight second range, with sixteen second quarter
mile times.

Here is a picture of one of my 1997 P71 Police Interceptors..

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Wow, I thought that police cars were faster than that? Do they ever modify them for more performance, or just use the "package"? Why don't they add headers and exhaust and so forth if they need to keep up with faster cars? What's the top speed on these things? I know that even though the 0-60 and 1/4 is not that great, they should have a high top speed correct?

Nope, most departments just go with the stock "P71" Police
Interceptor package...

The cars aren't that fast, but they are made for dependability
and extreme conditions.

The Police Interceptors are EEC speed limited to 129 MPH,
which is higher than the 108 - 112 MPH limit of the civilian
Crown Vics..

The Police Interceptors are made to run for 200,000 plus
miles in extreme conditions, but many many cars are much
faster as far as quarter mile performance.
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Maybe they performed "secret" modifications between tune ups.. ya know, a port and polish here, a set of headers there, lol. :)
I think some departments do mod's to give their own CVPI's
a little more performance.

One of my 1997 Police Interceptors has always seemed to
run better than most. I found out that the agency that owned
it had ported the stock heads on it, and I believe some type
of shift kit was also installed. It runs mid 15 second quarter
mile times with a stock 3.27 posi rear, which is quite a bit
quicker than the stock crown vic police interceptors.
Most P71s are made for longevity under extreme conditions. The top end is usually limited to about 129 MPH, but they are essentially SUPER DUTY Mustang GTs. Not the fastest, but will last 225,000 miles or more when properly maintained.

Unfortunately:p, most Mustang performance parts won't fit properly. And what you do find for the Panthers are limited!:BW: Now you can move things around under the hood (trunk-mounted battery, reposition cables and air filter,etc) and make the engine look like a Mustang's, but with the modulars, you better find someone who has worked on the Panthers to do your reprogramming.:1read: Standard Mustang tunes usually will not work properly on the Panthers.
Florida Cop Car Modifier

The link below is for the number 1 CV, and Marauder builder in the USA. He has chips and supercharger kits. He has modified CV for the Florida Police.

HOME - Reinhart Performance Engineering
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