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Guys, I need a favor from someone. Ok, my friend just gave me a good idea, but I just need to know if itd look good on my car. My PGT is going to the body shop for a body kit/new spoiler install, paintjob, and some body work. So I was just talking to my friend and hes like why dont you get the Eclipse altezza taillights, the smoked ones. So I started thinking, and now I wanna change the rear bumper to the 95 style and get the entire altezza taillight assembly from my other friends parts store.
If someone could PS Joe Lees 96 PGT - he has the same spoiler, with the same bumper and FX rear pieces - and put the eclipse altezzas on his car Id REALLy appreciate that. If you could also change the cars color to yellow thatd be exactly how mine will look like - only with a different front, mirrors, rims, etc... I can send you pics. Thanx in advance!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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