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Hello fellow Ford Entuisiasts', I want to introduce myself as a new member.

My dream project for two year or so has been to "build" a "Cobra Vic" or a "Crown Vic SVT".

OK, let's have a vote on the name, I'm undecided, but, the end product is to be a Crown Vic with a Cobra engine and 5 speed trany.

I've built street rods in years past, restored a couple of antiques, and most recently bought and owned a 96 Cobra Mustang; kept it one year, it was the roughest riding vehicle I have ever owned. (Now would that have anything to do with my 53 years of experience?) Anyway, as much as I enjoyed it's handling "like it was on rails", I had to let it go.........but, I am resolved to own a late model Crown Vic with A Cobra engine and trany.

Being a family man with a fullllll time job, I have little time to tackle a project like this without a lot of planning and the usual feasibility review.

Has anyone seen any late model Crown Vics that someone has converted to 5 speed trans? I doubt there are many, if any, most everyone would stay with the automatic, but, I want the whole anchilata.....the five speed gear box, might even spring for the late Cobra independent rear end even though "heaven forbid" I drop a late model corvette rear in but that would be almost unacceptible.

Anyway, hope I can find someone with similar interests, I am one avid Ford fan, and, there are a lot of hot Mustangs in the Orlando area, I'm just past that stage of performance car in my life. I'm looking for the four door luxury Crown Vic SVT.

Here in the Winter Springs, Fl. area, the local police dept. have a large assortment of Crown Vic Police Interceptors, most are dark blue with black grill, really look good. I've talked to a few unmarked cars drivers and they tell me the Police Dept. trades them once they have around 100,000 miles.

Seems to be hard to find any with low mileage and good condition; most are really worn out.

Anyway, drop me a line if you know of anyone with similar interests or know of a Crown Vic modified with 5 speed trans.

Happy Ford Motoring!!

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hey, welcoem to the site. Thanks for joining. I too would love to see a hopped up VIC. Thanks for joining us, I hope you visit often!
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