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'97 Taurus GL 3.0L 122K miles.

This weekend I noticed a small leak under the front facia.
Looking underneath I see a small steel line (about 1/2 to 3/8 inch outer diameter), running just below and inboard of the radiator. A larger line emerges from the passenger side of the radiator support, has some press connectors to this steel line. It then runs the entire length of the radiator, and then connects to a larger rubber hose with a worm clamp. Right there is where the leak is, presumably from the clamp, or clamp and rotted end of rubber hose. The rubber hose then disappears into the drivers side of the radiator support.

The fluid leaking is clear, with a thin oily residue. Wrong color for tranny and PS. Wrong location for a brake line. Too small for coolant line. This could be oil residue from leaking A/C, but I don't think the worm clamp and rubber hose would be used with A/C pressure. There's too much hardware on both sides of the radiator to know where the ends go.

Does anyone know what system/sub-system this line goes to?

Thanks in advance.
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