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Hi folks, I have a 98 Taurus 3.0 L V6. Just replaced alternator, it tests great now. Car and charging system works great until car warms up, then the charging goes down, car keeps going but runs juice all out of the batt. I checked all connectors and all seems great. I also replaced the mega-fuse too, although it *seemed* fine. I checked the pinouts on all the relays and they all check out OK too. Battery is only a couple months old and charges great. ANY ADVICE from the experts on here?? I am really getting mad at this thing!

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Sounds like the module on the back of the alt went bad. Did you buy a remanufactured alt? If so then you might want to take it back and spend the extra money on a new one. Reman"ed alts are BAD BAD. :whoaa:
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