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Poly Engine Mounts?

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Anyone tried polyurethane engine mounts? I'm thinking they would last a lot longer than the rubber ones. Any opinions or sources? Thanks.
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Tried them on my unit they seem to work fine. I am using them for all positions under the frame. I have a Jasper re-worked 5.0, F.I with an AOD trans and replace the mounts after the trans required repair. I plan to install these mounting bushings under the body mounts also. I have also replaced my torsion bar insulators with poly's also and the results are very good. I have the IFS front end with "Quad-4" suspension.
I hope that this doesn't sound too stupid, but I bought the mounts from J.H. Whitney a few years ago and forgot the numbers for the order. You see I had ordered them a while before finally installing them maybe 2 years ago.
I am not certain of the order numbers since they are possibly from a 1997 catalog.
I had the transmission rebuilt in 2000 and that is when I found the mount in my shop where I had stored them. I had heard of these poly mounts from 4x4 Wheel Magazine in an article from 1998.

I do like the mount it seems to keep the engine pretty consistantly stable. There was possibly some overkill in a poly mount for the transmission case so maybe a new rubber mount will do as well. There is usually not much torqueing around the case mount, and so it will usually last the length of the vehicle.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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