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Portable Jump Starter + Inverter Recommendations? F250 6.8L V10 gas

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I know that these devices exist, but after 3 hours trying to find one that meets the criteria I need, I haven't found one yet. If anyone knows of a Portable Jump Starter + Power Inverter w/ 120V Outlet plugs with these criteria:

Jump Starter that can start a dead battery for - 2002 F250 6.8L V10 gasoline

Power Inverter with enough Watts & pure sine wave for - Milwaukee Power tool battery chargers

[BONUS/optional] - Air Compressor + USB ports

Thanks in advance if anyone can point me in in the right direction, or knows of 2 separate devices that can meet the criteria!
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After a few more hours of research, I went ahead with a 1500 peak Amp jump starter, from POTEK. It also has 300W inverter (modified sine wave unfortunately), and 150psi air compressor & USB ports. Hope it works!
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