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I Was Wondering If Its Possible To Swap A Mustang Engine
Into My 1988 Mercury Colony Park Wagon ?

Im Looking For A Street/strip Application Because
My Family Are Against Me Taking My Wagon Up Against
My Step Dad & His 81' Corvette @ The Track.

Please Help Me Out As Much As Possible,
Any Ideas Are Appreciated.


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Let me be the first to say: You're asking for a world of trouble.
Can it be done? Yes, Sir.
Is it hard? Not entirely.
Does it contain a lot of random swapping, modifying, and other stuff that will make me wonder where the Hell you got the idea to put a Mustang engine in a :censored: station wagon? Oh, yes!
Is it lots more fun after it's running? I don't know, yet. I'm still stuck on question number 3.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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