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I’m new to this forum this is my first real post. So I have the opportunity to buy a 1987 Ford Thunderbird Turbo coupe 5 speed w/68k from its original owner. The car is beyond mint and well taken care of. However I’m trying to figure out how hard parts will be to get in the future. I know these models are getting old and parts are getting scarce. The owner claims everything works perfect except for the auto ride control which has bad solenoids. He also told me he always ran regular fuel, really it should have had premium. Should I expect any issues since he always ran regular? He’s an older guy doesn’t seem like the car saw any real abuse. Other than that the car is super clean always garage kept. He wants 8300$ which I think is a reasonable starting point. I’m mostly concerned with the “what if’s” down the line, such as blowing a motor etc needing parts and not being able to locate any. I’m not really concerned about the tranny since it’s a T5 but it’s the other parts that concern me. I’m not set on it I’m also looking into 87-93 Foxbody’s.
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