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Dear Ford Community:

I have a 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium 2.0T. I've been driving the car for almost 2 years, and I like experiencing the power of the engine, so I know more or less how my car behaves under various load conditions.
Recently, I have done some work on my car at different shops - I changed the brakes, rotors, and, following my mechanic's advice, I have also replaced both lower control arms in the front. After doing all that work, I started noticing a very annoying issue - when I press the throttle slightly hard, the steering wheel of the car is turning to the right. A lot of people say it could be related to torque steer, but after researching, I noticed that for those people the car is actually turning right (or left) when the steering wheel is turning accordingly. HOWEVER, for me, the car KEEPS GOING STRAIGHT. What is even worse, if I keep my hands on the steering wheel and don't let it move, the car simply flies to the left, without me moving the steering wheel. I have experienced it when going on the highway after the repairs, and I was in the left lane, gave the throttle a hard push, and almost touched the separating highway wall on the left, even though I was holding the steering wheel at an angle to the right. The car simply seemed to drive straight if not to the left, when the steering wheel was turned to the right.

The alignment on my car is perfect, I hold it exactly straight to drive straight at lower speed and throttle. I complained to my mechanic that it happened after his repairs, but, even though he spent a good amount of time checking it out and confirmed the issue, he does not have any idea why it is happening, claiming everything in the suspension is nice and tight, and aligned. He also suggested that I always experienced this issue, and I am just being paranoid now after his repairs, but that is not true. I spend a good portion of the day driving my car, and I know it in and out.

I would greatly appreciate any help and advice. Here is the link for you guys to see the issue on the video.

I don't really mind diagnosing it at the dealer, but I have a feeling they will just charge me $300 for diagnostics and tell me there are no issues or they didn't find any issues (happened to me before). Thanks a lot! Any help is appreciated.
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