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For all you people with the common power windows problems.

I just found out why my front passenger window wasnt goin down - it had a "dry joint" on one of the switch pins. it was VERY hard to see. i thought may as well giv it some heat and solder, and voila - most annoying problem fixed and real bloody easy at that. this was on a EB2 fairmont.
I also cleaned the insides of the switch which were pretty dirty, this didnt fix the problem, but id say the window wouldnt have gone down without the clean.

Tihs was its second switch pad from new and am not suprised if this fault is engineered into them....

i was going to put a switch on it from jaycar but now very happy i dont have to fuuk around. Im sure a few of you have or had this problem and I hope this can help ya's.

btw. if you didnt know, switch pads are 140 brand new.....
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