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What should the name of our car company be?

  • The Tempo-Topaz Motor Car Company

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  • The Tempo Motor Car Company

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  • You're kidding, right

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How bout everybody max out their credit cards and get as many bank loans as we can and raise like $80 mil so we can play every number combination in the Powerball? I mean, at $7.5 mil for 25 years that adds up to $187 mil after taxes. We'd still have $100 mil to play with. With that kind on money we could live for the rest of our lives quite comfortably and maybe start our own car company and make new tempos. Just a thought, but still thats pretty cool that you can spent $80 mil and still make double that after taxes. If only those internet companies were such sure bets.

I'm sure that we have enough people capable of raising that kind of money, I mean its only $80 million, chump change for us. Yeah right. But still this is a workable plan if we find enough people.

The future of the Tempo-Topaz Motor Car Company is in your hands. So dont screw it up.

Just some worthless thoughts,
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