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Turbo or supercharging for BOSS V8/GTHO?

  • Supercharge

    Votes: 38 62.3%
  • Turbo/Twin Turbo

    Votes: 23 37.7%

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threefiftyone8 said:
It would be a shame to see the Aussie Falcons head in the direction of the Orient.
Want it to sound like a Supra?
No thanks!
you dont like the sound of a supra??? i love it.

aka "Mr BURNOUTworld"
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Initially I voted for a supercharger but I think I'm starting to change my mind!!! :wtf2: :wtf2: :wtf2: Am I finally losing it?

I think there are pros and cons to both setups..
  • Can get a lot more horsepower from the engine. (Think Eddy Tassone!!)
  • Get alot more midrange toque
  • Relatively low heat
  • Turbo boost
  • Turbo boost (Think The Judge , the boost comes on quickly and it can make the car fishtail very easily!)
  • High cost (Turbo - maybe x2 - and intercooler and lots of friggan piping = $$$)
  • IS there space for all that piping
  • Blow-off *vomit*
  • Constant power - put your foot down and there is no hesitation while the turbo spools up because it's constant baby, yeah!
  • Cheaper to a turbo setup
  • That supercharger sound - MMM Gary Myers Mustang!!
  • Can get hot especially at drag meetings - look at the list of cooling things Myers has just to keep the car cool in the burnout comps.
  • Can't get as much power out of them as a twin turbo - just look at the entry sheet for Horsepower Heroes this year and you'll notice most of them are EFI Turbo's, not EFI Supercharging and very few of the old Carb Supercharged!)
21 - 24 of 24 Posts