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97 Probe SE
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Hey all, I was just wondering what kinda Probe you all have, and what mods you have done to your cars! If anyone has pictures, post 'em here so we can all get a good idea on the car that your putting your hard work and time into!

As for me, I have a 1997 Probe (now SE) with the follwing mods,

-Dual White Racing Stripes w/Pin Stripes (Bumber to Bumber)
-Cherry Bomb Muffler w/racing Catalytic Convertor and exhaust
-Chrome Angle cut racing tip
-Chrome Outline molding on hood and doors
-Different Hubs (hey, their better then the HORRID factory hubs)
-Pilot 1055c 55w Fog Lights
-Sylvania Cool Blue 75w headlights
-Bosch Micro Edge Excel Wipers (Who cares?)
-Sony CA660X 52x4w CD player
-Crossfire TEK 100.2 400 watt amp

I haven't really started working on the engine yet, because right now I am working on her looks, but the engine work is very near! (plus I needed time to save money for the most expensive work at all......engine work!) That's the reason why I've been asking around for info on CAI.

My picture was taken like, a week after I bought my car, so VERY few of the mods are on her. Once I get new pics, I'll be sure to post them!


Morally Bankrupt
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I have a bone stock '95 SE. Well it does have tinted windows, but that hardly counts.

Oh and it does have the :nuts: driver mod. :D

P·OBase #2 Owner!
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Well like I have said before I own the "PO-BASE" or what my friend and I like to tall the PISSED OFF BASE.

My mods to the outside are very few if any.

Side marker lights
Konig Toxins, Nitto Tires
Circuit Pro Coil Overs
Clear corners (yes they make them for the base model)

The engine on the other hand is where my money has gone!

Akimoto Intake
NGK plugs
Strut tower brace
Fadanza 9lb flywheel, Viteck Stage IV four puck kevlar/carbonic clutch(soon to come:phelonic spacer for intake manifold, and throttle body spacer.)
Bosal header 4-2-1
Borla stainless steel cat back exhaust 2.5"
Aluminum Throttle body to MAF elbow
Diamond cut XENON lights HID conversion

Brake converstion from drum to disk.
PRD short shifter indiglo white faced gauges.

Thats about it for now, I'm sure i'm missing a few but oh well.

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Lets see, I dont have that many mods, but I did start with a base and now its an SE. I changed the front bumper, the rear tail lights, antenna, the windows are tinted, added a cup holder/arm rest. Still waiting on the rims...not sure about the side skirts/door caps.

Probe SE Member
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1993 Probe SE ATX
K&N -Drop in
NGK plugs
Aiwa Stereo
61/2 Sony EXplods (front)
6x8 Stock (Rear)

***** Up Tranny (by the way if anyone has one let me know)

um...........thats it. LOL.
Saving for GT!!!!

My first car, to me it hauled azz!!! Til I drove my friends Mustang GT. hehe. I still love my car.

Big Poppa
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Well, I dont have much in the way of performance but heres what I have:

-Initial K Indiglo Gauges w/Speedhut overlay
-Wings West wing w/ LED brake light
-Driving lights
-Sleepy eye button
-Lebra (hood only)
-16" PGT rims ('93) (make a world of difference in looks from SE stock
-Dunlop Z rated tires
-15" Punch sub
-Punch amp (forget wattage)
-Pioneer DEH-P5200 head unit
-Bosch platinum plugs (Yippee!!!)
-Alarm system (Code)

Thats it for now (click in the link in my sig to see car)... Most of the rest of any money that I might have is going to go into my PGT project car...

Hey Staves... Did you give up on the indiglo gauges or are you still going to do them?

One Winged Angel
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My 93 Probe SE:

-Home depot intake with K&N air filter
-Aerospeed Custom Catback 2.5
-Bosch 4+ spark plugs and bosch wires
-Intrax springs
-Pioneer deck, speakers
-Kenwood 400 watt amp and 1 JL Audio 12' woofer
-97 Probe GT wheels

Mods to come:
-Paint and GT sides and bumpers.
-J cam
And more...

Probe Owner
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lets see..
96 pse
fx side skirts.
96 gt rear bumper
non working rear wiper
tokico struts
GC coilovers
7.5x 18 konig reigns
bosal header
borla catback
custom/akimoto intake
venom 400
blown auto trans
j cam(taking out)
bored maf
all pioneer and sony mobile es inside.
i forgot the rest i had
(next to come)
motor rebuild
new trans
t04b turbo install
custom front bumper
new paint ,, molded body peices.

One Winged Angel
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Why are you taking the J-cam out jared?? I'll be interested if you sell it... For the right price. :shh:


1996 2.0L Turbo Probe

 JE Forged Pistons (9.0:1 compression)
 Crower Forged Steel Connecting Rods
 Unorthodox Racing Aluminum Flywheel
 Clutchmasters Stage III Clutch
 Japanese-spec intake camshaft
 Haltech E6K engine management
 Walbro 255lph fuel pump
 RC Engineering 440cc injectors
 Turbonetics T3/T4 Hybrid Turbo with Ceramic ball-bearing center section
 TO4E 46-trim compressor
 .48 A/R turbine housing
 Stage II turbine wheel
 Spearco Air-to-Air Intercooler
 Turbonetics Deltagate wastegate
 Greddy Type-R BOV
 ETA custom-fabricated tubular turbo manifold
 Greddy Profec-B electronic boost controller
 Apexi N1 Muffler
 Custom 3” exhaust plumbing
 17x7 Enkei RP02’s
 Yokohoma A520 215/40’s
 Addco rear sway bar
 Ingall’s FastCam camber adjustment bolts
 Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs
 Autometer boost gauge
 Autometer EGT gauge
 Autometer A/R meter
 B&M short shifter
 Momo Race Airleather Shift Knob

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No so much wrath

I bet that was fun Bryan. :s6:

1993 Probe Base Black

  • Hi-Flow Cat
  • Pacesetter Exhaust
  • Home Depot CAI (Redoing, again)
  • Fog Lights
  • Bra (sometimes)
  • Random Blue Lights
  • Strobes
  • Clear Corners
  • UDP (Thanks Bryan, though not yet installed)
  • Random Painted Stuff (Rear drums, hood prop, oil cap... ect.)
  • Switch Panel in Center Console Cubby
  • Scanning LEDs in same cubby
  • GT 5 stars (soon to be gunmetal)
  • Quad Light Headlight Paint :grin:
  • Touring Shift Knob
  • "Racing Pedals" (Covers)
  • JVC Head Unit
  • Pioneers all around
  • Other stuff to small to list

Probe SE Member
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Well, this is my first post. I still don't quite have the hang of all this yet. This is what i drive.

1995 Probe SE 5spd.

K&N custom intake
Magnaflow Exaust w/o cat.
Pioneer 45x4W CD player
Halogen High Intensity foglamps
Hurst Billet shift knob
3A Racing Pedal Pads

I keep a "write-up" on my car, that discusses its history, modifications, etc. This is in preparation for trying to get sponsors or show or rag articles or whatever. . . . its handy to have around. . . For those of you who have done a great deal of work to your car, its good to have. . . presentation is everything. . . Thats probably why the "boring" Probes always seem to make it in the magazines.


97 Probe SE
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fiveliter302 said:

Hey Staves... Did you give up on the indiglo gauges or are you still going to do them?
Hey Five, I haven't really given up on the idea (I am going to do it eventually), but I'm looking more into getting 93-94 GT rims first (I have HUB CAPS right now.....HUB CAPS......LOL)

There are a few other external mods I'm looking into as well (Indigo gauges, Cruise Control, Sunroof, GT rear bumper), but rims really seem to top my list for now.

1993 Base-

- GT front end with shaved symbols
- 95+ GT rear bumper with shaved symbols
- PIAA 1400x foglights
- H4 conversion
- 95+ GT door panels
- GT wheels
- Intrax
- Brembo front cross drilled slotted rotors
- Stillen pads
- akamoto intake
- racing design dual mufflers
- jspec cam
- NGK plugs and wires
- PRD short shifter with MOMO knob
- PRD rear strut bar
- Freedom Design front strut bar
- PRD fan shoud cover and blue oil cap
- indiglo gauges with silver overlay
- sony head unit with 10 disc charger and sony EQ
- Kicker zx460 amp
- MTX black+Gold 10" sub
- Eclipse 6.5" all around

In the project stage:

- port n polish head and intake manifold
- side skirts
- rebby's gauge pod with APC indiglo tach and gauges
- and whatever else comes along that I feel like bumping money into.
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