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Probes are first - in whoring at least

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Proof that Probe owners are the most fanatic, most enthusiastic members of this new forum and among all Ford owners: they lead in reply whoring :). Congratulations guys!
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LMAO, thats funny, whats wrong with being a whore anyway. But this is how I spell my name.
ProbeBandit said:
Oh sorry for misspelling your name Stacy94PGT, and no nothing wrong with being a reply whore, well I mean you are NOT reply whore just an active member. Just check the top 10 we got 4 probers in the top 6 now :D.
Alllllriiight the top 6, its cool with the name. I've had three people so far misspelling my name. At least they don't think I'm a girl.:)
You whores, posting things like this. I can't belive it. Oh well I'm a whore to.:D
I'm back and it looks like I'm about to lose my # 2 spot.:(
ProbeBandit said:
Look at that Stacy is back! How was dinner :D?
:::and the whoring begins again:::
It was very good. I cooked a hen, peas, rice, mixed veggies, and gravy.
Tang Pgt said:
Haha, she's catching up. You go girl !

Awwww, your so sweet Don.
Tang Pgt said:
C'mon scamper catch up !

look out cause goat's on the board now .
Damn the competion.:D Well now that Stephen is in here more whoring will be going on.
I'm in here now, about to start posting like the good whore that I am.
ProbeBandit said:
Ok time for another Whore Update (quick before the Goat gets here :))

Hell I wont post the entire list, Stacy is back, he put me down to 3rd... oh well Its about time we start acting a little more mature anyways!
Yeaaaa right :D (I could keep a straight face for like 3 seconds then LOL)
You got that right. :D LMAO
I know, it's awful. :D
It most certainly is.:D
Aren't you a Moderator ? Just go to the edit/delete screen and delete it. Why would you want to do that for anyway ?
Good idea, we'll keep this topic going until someone steps in and says stop. But I wont, I'll just start another. :D
LOL, I'm about to stop. Need to lay down for a while. I'll talk to you later.
Hell ya we are. Might as well do it now to get out of our system. I whore, I whore, its off to Fordforums I go........:D
I thought all this was interesting. Thats right, by doing this I have meet all of you and had fun at the same time. :D
Like I said he's in Atlanta right now. By the time he gets back to SC, he'll have a big job ahead of him. BTW I told him tonight he has a lot of work to do in here, hahahaha.
Hell, he his a mod in the SCProbes club forum. Trust me I don't think it's him that does the mod. in that area.
ProbeBandit said:
Hey! Wanna make this a 3 page thread? :D j/k
I'm trying too. :D
While your doing that I'm going to have a smoke.
1 - 20 of 91 Posts
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