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Problem with a 2l pinto converstion to a Mk 1 Cortina

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Hi Guys,
I've got a 2l pinto from an escort that I want to put into my Mk 1 cortina. Problem is that the sump "hump" is in the wrong place, i'm willing to do the work to make it fit, just not sure the best way to go about it. Any suggestions???

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Hi Azz,

I would change the sump, before trying to customize it by welding. I mean, your front axle is similar to the one of the german Ford Taunus. Think about, to change the oilpipe inside of the sump, too.

Parts you will get here: Startseite - Hecktrieb Forum
this site is in german ....... sorry dont read german this makes hard to read 4 me
apart from cutting and shutting there is no other way . but then try getting hold of an a american pinto with the front bowl, then its oil pick mods left to do. or pay $300.00 for a high energy sump,maybe even a mk2 escort x member, with struts, and steering unit ,the works should fit not too heavly modified
good luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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