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programmable piggy back ECU ???

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help help, i need to get ahold of one of those piggy back programmable ecus' they sell for the stangs.. the kind i can use my laptop with to change the spark and fuel maps on the fly?.

i have a speed density ecu on there, will that sucker still work on the sd ?

if not i can upgrade to mass air... but i was just wondering who makes the unit ? what is the website ?

how much ?

does anyone know / recommend a good brand ?

experience with one before ?
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You may want to check out This guy writes programs and burns chips himself.

thanks for the info !!! :)

looks like i'm going CARB instead of efi, so i wont be needing the programmable ecu for the time being...

but thanks for answering :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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