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BSR Twin System (tm)
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I'm looking foward to seeing it finished.


mmm, non - dentable doors
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guess who's back, back again, xw's back, to eat rice, gues who's back guess who's back guess who's back.......

i have my car back!!!!! all white!!!

to get back to my last week, everythign was reaplaced to a tidy sum of 1100 bucks which only included 250 labour, the rest was parts! this doesnt count the sum which is an extra 170 on visa lol... anyway, car is engine bay wise runnign fine, although today after i sprayed it it was chucking a hissy fit...

today woke up, and went to panobeaters... we stripped the old door off and fitted the new one and aligned it. then i changed ovr t quarter vent windows and the work begun.. with the dorrs in etch primer we sprayed on some black stuff then proceeded to wet and dry sand back the door and guard... everything was fine, this was done twice,,, then we buffed the side of the car to match up the paint colour, man did that take a while! finally we got the right colour.. then we masked up the car and put it in a plastic coocoon and started to spray it, i did a few coats and the pano finshed it off nicely... while it dried we played throws with the vortex and his son... next after applying some heat with these nice heat lights, we opened the door and sprayed the inside of the doors where it was brown and shows inside the door.. the inside white was done before.. and just when you think there cant be any more rust, i forgto to mention, wheni took off the quarter vent window we noticed rust beginning. so it was scraeped rust converter applied then sprayed to frevent any further erosion. then after an hour we took off the masked tape to reveal a sexy colur matching car. thne i went round the car touching up the 5 million scratches the car has...

drove home and the car was idling rougher than a 2 dollar hooker... so i played with it a bit and got it running nicer.. i coudl hear it was rough by the sounds of the zorsts... now i need to take it to the gb place to get fixed and the zorst place to fix a small leak i can hear...

ill elaborate on everythign tomrrow when i have my pics!!!!!! im so tired

later danny
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