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Well guys it looks like I might be able to afford some fun stuff for the car next month & need a bit of advise. Im thinking of beefing up the sound & performance.

What exactly do extractors do?
Is there a major fuel comsumption issue with them?
What size exhaust is best for them?
Is there anything else I should know before I get them fitted?

For those who dont know shes a EBII with a 3.9 head on a 4ltr block.


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Any power increase is followed by an economy increase, depending on your right foot of course, i put them on every car i buy, and believe it to be worthwhile.

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As said above your economy should get better, right until the point where you sink the right foot.
I would be looking at a 2.5 inch exhaust or 2.75 if you want to go forced induction latter. Run 1 muffler or if you want the sound. + a set of Pacemaker or JMM extractors depending on your budget. Check your cat as well to see if it needs replacing while you are there.
You should be able to get it all done for a $1000 or less. Keep an eye out in the for sale section. I got mine for $550. Pacemaker comp extractors, 2.5 redback exhaust and a high flow cat that was only 3 weeks old when the person rear ended someone.
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