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Ok guys just wanted to know your opinions on the Pros and Cons of using or not using the tin Valley Cover On a Clevo??

My 302 hasnt got one (didnt when I bought it) is it worth me putting one in when I rebuild it? I dont even know what its for, Im guessing its to stop the hot oil heating the bottom of the intake?

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Plenty of Pros, a few cons.

Heat from the engine and oil is the main reason as factory inlet manifolds were cast.

You may or may not hear about some people having people having fuel boiling issues when their engine is hot or they turn their engine off.

I've had the same tin valley cover on the last 3 engines with many different carby/fuel supply options on top and never had this kind of problem.

Keeping your inlet charge can be a big help when trying to find extra horsepower, and so I use this cover but in a different way to the factory intended.

I usually use felpro inlet gaskets and end seals, and trimmed my tin valley cover to sit in its original position, without interfering with the inlet or end seals.

Tin snips worked well, and I drilled a couple of small holes in the bottom for any oil to drain back to the sump if it manages to get up past the cover.

Just buy one from a wrecker for $5.

I believe its worth it.
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