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"Tony" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:p[email protected]
> Almost brings tears to your eyes, i might even go and wipe some mud of the
> headlights, and polish a little tiny bit, (not a bit that anyone else can
> see, of course!)
> EXCEPT clarkson spoils it with 2 words at the end
> Regards to all
> Tony

I wish I hadn't watched that I've had an outbreak of Landroveritis again
:) proving why the Landy deserved to win the title of best car ever odd
hamster presented it tho as the dishevelled May owned a landy?
..BTW anyone blink and missed the grey Velar in the middle I would like to
see more of that clip which I guess is off an LR promo film so if you have
spotted a link for it please post as part of my therapy
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