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this truck has a hard time restarting after the engine has warmed up and sat in a parking lot. it will restart but after two or three tries. i thaught it was vapor locking, so i removed air cleaner and all tubing to insulate, and found a device on the back of the motor broken. it is conneted with a cross over tube between the back of the heads, and has a rubber hose off the top. i have the chiltons manual and have found this device but no discription of it. please help me. thanks rich.

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1. Have you checked for any diagnostic trouble codes?
a list:EEC-IV Quick Test & Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) 2 digits, for Ford 84-88 by
Also, Scroll and look @ A.I.R. Injection Tubes - is this it?

2. Look here and let us know what pic is what you see:

go To Emission is index, scroll...

3. the tube, is this it?
if ot, look through their Application search for it.. a good company that will reply to an e mail promply!

Ford OE Replacement Catalytic Converter Air Tubes

109 Ford Air Tube - Crossover With Threaded Stub

Year Application
85-95 Ford trucks, including: EFU 150/250 Van, Pickup, Bronco, EFI, 302 engine.
Replaces O.E. E7TZ-9B449-A and O.E. F6TZ-9B449-F
Complete with two #56 gaskets.
Use with #37 valve.
Similar to our #41V but has threaded stub.

Retail Price: $33.96

Connects to Air Check Valve

our's rusted out on the 96....

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docsmith5 said:
I found what i was looking for Thanks to the links that Miesk5 sent. this place is my new home god bless everyone.
yo Rich!

Glad to help; btw, you can order from PCI or get their products at local auto parts stores. And, ordef PCI's Catalog; great info for future use.
be well!
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