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While doing a complete brake job on 2014 Edge LE V6, I noticed that the Vibration Dampener was not on as shown in the diagram. The Echo was purchased new & this was the first brake work; so, this is the way the car was delivered. The original caliper had the fitting to attach the Dampener, but one was not attached. The new caliper also has a place for the Dampener to attach.

I called the dealer & gave the VIN & the person helping said that according to her records, I should use the Dampener.

I went ahead and finished the job & I haven't noticed anything amiss with the braking. Since the car was delivered without the Dampener, I'm inclined to think it doesn't need it. Am I correct or should I order the Dampener? Must say, it is an unseemly looking part.

Thanks for your help 123 Jump
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