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  • put it in manual shift and race up through the geard

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  • leave it in drive

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • race up through the geard w/out manual shift on

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I have a ATX in my 3.0 with the man shift option, what exactly is the man shift?

should i use it while racing?

when racing should i shift up through the gears while racing or just leave it in drive?


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OK, I'm not sure since I have a manual, but I think the manual hold button keeps it in gear without it shifting on you and it holds it, it's great for autocrossing when you don't want your car to shift up a gear right before you go into a corner.....

The best way to drag your auto would be to start with 1, then go to 2, etc up to D, I don't think you'll need overdrive at the strip.... but leaving it in Drive and gunning it will give you worse performance than if you manually shifted it up...

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someone on pt asked this same question. the response was if you push manual it holds it in gear. Ive been told by a few people that this is very rough on the ATX tranny. it puts too much strain when you shift from redline in L to 2. Basically, Push the manual button in L. shift to 2, shift to D with OD off (3rd gear), turn off manual (4th gear), and turn on overdrive(5th gear). Thats the proper way to go through the gears, but just practice it a little. You dont want to forget to shift out of L and burn up your engine. That would suck...good luck
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