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Re: 300Tdi - Slow start in cold weather - New glow plugs needed?

I would get the glow plugs changed. About £30 tops for them and maybe an
hour at a garage to fit them - I recently changed mine in my 110 and it made
a difference.


"Judith" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> My (1997 ES) 300Tdi Disco has always been a good starter but has been a
> bit slow in the recent cold weather. The engine turns on the starter
> but it can take up to a dozen turns before it starts. The battery is
> fine - I've checked it with a meter and don't hear any slowing down of
> the starter before the engine comes to life.
> I have heard that the 300Tdi doesn't tend to need its glow plugs unless
> the weather is cold, so is it likely that one, some or all of my plugs
> need replacing?
> Although I've had this LR for over three years, I grew up with petrol
> Series IIIs and still have a bit of trouble understanding diesels. For
> a start, I thought I'd just be able to unscrew the glow plugs and have
> a look at them (like I could with my spark plugs) but it seems to be a
> right to-do even to have a look.
> I have not been charged for glow plugs at any of my services, so I can
> only assume I've had the same ones for the last 60,000 miles. Perhaps
> I should just get them changed anyway; it's probably cheaper than
> getting them checked.
> Judith
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