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Re: CDL Range Rover Classic

"A" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Hi, I got me gearstick bias springs sorted - it was the plate underneath
> the springs that cracked. What a crap design - no meat to it at all.
> Anyway, replaced both springs and the plate and all is back to normal.
> Now, I am desperate to find the wiring diagram for a RRC, Vogue SE 1992
> 3.9, Im interested in the central locking. My fathers has just all of a
> sudden developed something strange with the motors. Can anyone direct me
> to a download site or anything???? I have searched google and theres
> nothing jumping out at me.
> Please, any docs at all on the cdl.
> Many thanks
> Alistair

If the other diagrams don't help drop me a mail I have the '88 on version
remove meat product reference first
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