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Re: Engine Rattle on 2.0 L Focus (UK)

I did not think the petrol models had a dual mass flywheel(?)

I would say its coming from the gearbox itself. Where r u from in the uk?
im from London/Essex way if u want to listen to my 2.0 with 80k on it if u r
in the area.

Try another dealer too.


" Tim (Remove NOSPAM." <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> "Eddie" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
>> Hi,
>> I've just bought a 2.0 litre Zetec Estate, petrol, manual, 2 years old
>> and 32k.
>> It's still has 12 months warranty so I got a few niggles sorted out at
>> my local dealer.
>> One "problem" is an engine rattle at idle, which disappeared when I
>> pressed the clutch in.
>> To me this could be a sympton of a worn clutch release bearing.
>> The dealer says that it's normal and the result of a redesigned
>> gearbox with more play in the idler system, as the tighter cogs on the
>> old design wore out quicker!
>> Does anyone else get this noise or is it BS from the dealer?

> BS from dealer! Its either the clutch release bearing as you say or worse,
> the dual mass flywheel parting company with itself. *Insist* the dealer
> splits the bell housing and inspects the innards.
> Tim..
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