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Re: Fiesta Heater problem

shadetree mx wrote:
> Lee there is generally no valve. just the heater core is probably
> clogged. you are right one is input and the other output. put your
> hand on both hoses and see if one gets hot. that is the input from the
> eng water. the other you need to disconnect if you can reach it if
> those stupid car engineers didn't put it somewhere impossible to get
> to, but I digress. and see if water is coming out of the pipe you
> disconnect, if not hten your heater core is clogged and needs to be
> replaced. If you are mx inclined its probably wise to get a book on
> their car from local parts house. it will probably require taking the
> dashboard out and steering wheel removal agin you can thank the stupid
> car people for that I digress again.

or the cable to the heat / cold blend door is not working
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