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Re: Heated washers

"Dave Liquorice" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Does LR do heated washers for a DII? My motor has the "winter pack",
> ie heated front screen, heated mirrors, heated seats, but not heated
> washers!
> Having had to stop on the hard shoulder of the M6 twice today to clean
> the screen (with snow from the bonnet) of fine salt spray due to
> frozen washers I'm looking for something to unfreeze 'em in less than
> 2hrs that the heat from the engine seems to take. If LR don't do 'em
> are there any suitable and effective aftermarket kits? I don't know if
> it's just the jets freezing or the pipework as well.
> --
> Cheers [email protected]
> Dave. pam is missing e-mail

Funny I was just thinking back to my Mini Se7en club days there was an
attachment that fitted on the heater hose and routed the washer pipe through
a coil which sat in the coolant ensuring very hot screenwashers not seen it
for yonks along with Clearalex powder that was the dogs danglies used by the
works rally teams mixed with alcohol to prevent freezing cracking stuff
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